how to make a small lucky charm

Unique things that surround us. There are many ways to summon good luck for a short time: on a day, a special occasion, or an event.

But it is much more effective to enclose good luck in an amulet that will serve you for many years. In all your endeavors, you will be successful. There is a big and a small lucky charm; it all depends on the objectives and methods to obtain this energy. Different amulets, different methods of work. Knowing the rules for creating such an amulet, you can begin to live a completely new life.

It will not be difficult to attract the energy that is responsible for victories and success, money, if exactly all the requirements are met and the necessary ritual is carried out. You have a great opportunity to change your destiny. Let them say that you are a very lucky person, but to reveal your secret, a charm for good luck, it should not be anyone. Your secret will bring a lot of joy. Take everything you need and start creating an element of power. It is in your power to ensure that luck leads you down the path of destiny; it is much easier and more pleasant to live this way.

What are the charms that bring good luck?

There are many things in the world that can bring good luck to the seeker. Here you can highlight:

  • Lucky objects (any) that bring you good luck.
  • Horseshoe.
  • Clover.
  • Lizard or snake skull on a rope.
  • Symbol of the sun.
  • Magic Shield.
  • The happiness of the seal of Solomon.
  • The symbol of the life of Feng Shui.
  • Calendar of eternity.

All of them are available to you; they can be bought in almost any esoteric store. Many practitioners believe that only an external form is not enough, only those objects that have been created and filled with energy bring good luck.

amulets that bring good luck and well-being

Talismans are created from any material, no matter what container, what matters is what is inside. It is the hand that carves an object in wood, sculpts in clay and draws, which can give it the necessary strength. Luck doesn't just come, you must invite it.

There are many items of this type that make money, because money is one of the most desirable results. What exactly do you want and why do you need such an amulet? Decide, because during the ritual, you will need to express your goal for the Cosmos.

Little amulet of fortune

Small amulets are made to be carried. It can be a keychain, charms, pendants, some items that are always in your wallet or pocket.

It is better not to show them to anyone, to keep them a secret. If you know the winning combination of numbers in the lottery, won't you yell it left and right? So it is with these objects. The energy they contain is already a mystery. You need to carry it with you constantly. They will attract money to your wallet, mark a good path under your feet, and put the right thoughts in you. The ritual for charging the amulet should be performed in summer.

  • Go out into the clover field at sunset.
  • Place the amulet on the ground and sit next to it, facing east.
  • Light the church candle, hold it with both hands on the amulet.
  • Say: “The sun is red, the sun is clear! Come out from behind the forest, light the way for me (reader's name) and bring good luck, so that she will accompany me in the daylight, to nowhere and never leave me. May it be in my power to do this. Created. Closed. Hidden. Forgotten. "
  • Express your version of luck: what do you want to achieve? Career, academic success, lack of problems in one area or another, money, winning where it is very difficult to win.
Small DIY lucky charm

Next: bury it for 2 days and two nights in the same field, because clover can bring success and good luck in any business. Mark the place where the item was buried, come there after the expiration date.

The little amulet of fortune will be ready: it has absorbed everything you need. Do not lose it, because losing contact with Fortune is very serious, there may not be a second chance.

Large homemade amulet

A large charm is usually made for the home or office. This is not an element, but a set of them, placed in a container:

  • The box.
  • Bank.
  • Envelope.
  • Bag.

You will need to close the room, leaving only the window open. Luck, success and money will come in for him. In such a container you need to put: silver money, a dried marigold flower, the symbol of the Sun (from any culture).


“O great martyr, pile of wood, wretched woman! Passed through fire and water, you pass into our weak uterus and bring problems and difficulties. How we take you, sit you at the table on a bench, treat you with honey and wine, and begin to dignify ourselves: “Oh, glorious Great Martyr Goremyka! You yourself walk in gold, you lead us through the swamp. Smart bad, rich poor, honest mediocre ".

Left hand deposits coins and right hand deposits everything else Close the lid, if it is a jar or a box, if it is a bag, sew it with red threads. All these elements are talismans of luck, and their combination will give a very good result. Keep such a container of luck out of the reach of others.

Rendering exercises

If you have already created a small lucky charm, you can meditate on it, because it is an object that you will always carry with you. Place three red candles on the table. The left hand should turn them on. Sit comfortably on the floor in the lotus position and relax. Have the charm around your neck or lap. These talismans are a magnet for the light energy of good luck.

Try to feel or see it: the visualization of success will be the best companion and help for you in any ritual. Wear good luck charms when you meditate.

Slowly repeat the phrase:

“May the wisdom and power of the forest grass be with me. Mother Earth has increased it, she has been designated for the sacrament of wealth, for profit, for my dream ”.

Don't be distracted by strange sounds, phones, calls or voices. You need to meditate for at least 20 minutes, you can even more if you want. When your hand feels the heat emanating from the amulet, the effect is achieved, you are connected to the energy channel of success. A good option is to imagine a wave of golden light that reaches you, enters the amulet.

how to charge a charm for good luck and well-being

The first step in meditation is to work with your eyes closed. When you master this type, go to the second one: open your eyes. Thus, it is more difficult to see or imagine what is hidden, but this is a high degree of visualization, which will help you to charge the subject with a very powerful energy.

It is not that difficult to create such an object, because all the recommendations of a practicing magician are given. Focus on the result: your luck, success in all your endeavors, good morning, money and career. What you need to do is render the effect correctly. Interestingly, previewing the effect is already a big part of the ritual. Your confidence will pay off.

Don't stop there. After you have created a good luck charm, small or large, you have the opportunity to work on all kinds of these elements. Create them for yourself and your family. Such a gift will bring joy, success and prosperity. You have all the necessary strength to work, all the best is already in you. All roads are open to you: use the advice of practitioners, study the creation of amulets. Very soon you yourself will learn to work with energies, you will understand what is really important.