Your own talisman of wealth - an overview of strong amulets to attract money and good luck

Each person's striving for prosperity, a better life, and abundance is quite natural and understandable. If you live, then you experience the joy of opportunity and personal development. It happens that a person tries hard, works constantly, but the lack of money never goes away. There are ways to bring good luck back to life.

How can you tell if your luck is up?

how to return good luck to your life

It is necessary to observe the balance of labor costs and the results obtained in the output. If you are an active person, do not stand still, try different options to earn money, but often or always it happens that the right result does not come, then luck has turned away from you. Or, for example, you had your own business, which generated a high regular income, but the decline started sharply and the generous cash flow turned into a small channel.

It makes sense to think about the fact that luck is no longer in your favor. The same thing has happened when the financial issue crashes on all fronts.

For example, your debts are not paid, at the same time you need to borrow money, your car breaks down, keys are lost, wages are late. Or the apartment you decide to buy goes up in price.

There can be several reasons for losing luck:

  • karma. In this case, the fault is yours. Recently, you could behave too selfishly, become insolent, unfairly take away what belongs to someone else, causing harm to you. Or, for example, they collected goods without a feeling of gratitude. We were in a position that everyone owes you. In this situation, no external magical influence was performed on you;
  • negative alluvial. In this case, financial problems and abandonment of luck are associated with the envy of a person or group of people towards you. These may be competitors in the general field of activity, colleagues. Sadly, even friends and family can deliberately spoil your life;
  • coincidence.It happens that you were not directly negatively influenced, but through the object you picked up on the street, monetary problems came and the success fell apart. It can be a matching banknote, gold jewelry, or any attractive looking object that you want to pick up and examine in your hands. That is, the person threw the negative on the subject and did not care who exactly would become a victim of the negative shows.

How luck is removed. Security

magic rite to attract money

Have good luck thanks to the influence of a magical nature. You cannot wait for an attack to occur, but try to protect yourself or your business in advance. Jealousy or negative thoughts of ordinary people cannot get past defenses.

Only a strong person can have a strong impact with consequences. That is, the envious person himself has the ability to perform magical work, or a specialist was paid for the work.

If you happen to find a foreign object at the entrance to your apartment or premises where you do business, do not rush to pick it up for disposal. Observe the safety precautions, things of this type are taken only with a bag or rubber gloves (rags are not suitable).

As soon as you pick up the item, say: “It is not me and the corruption is not mine. Truly. "Throw the item away from the area near which it was found. Try not to take food away from your co-workers, it is very often with the candy that people convey the negative.

They ate sweets of their own free will: they swallowed destructive programs. Now they are in your field and have begun to influence. You have the right to refuse the treat or, after accepting it, not to eat.

Dispose of it without the person who gave you the gift noticing. Perhaps he did not want evil and the candy was a harmless gift. Throwing it in a bucket would be unethical. If you notice that there are difficulties in day-to-day work or there are problems in the equipment, check your workplace. Examine the back of the table and the contents of the nightstands.

If you find a sticky piece of wax or gum, get rid of it and keep an eye out for further correction of your difficult situation. When discarding, say the same words as above.

How to check negative programs?

There are several ways to view. Some of them can be done independently, others with the help of a specialist. You can see yourself by your personal photo. In addition to it, you will need a wax candle and a glass of water. Put a photo on the table where only you are captured.

A photo with captured animals or body parts will not work. Put a glass of water on the photo, light a candle, let it light a little and say: "Father fire, mother water, show me if they have applied any negative program to me. "

Tilt the candle over the water and observe the reaction of the candle and the color of the wax. If the candle bursts and glows, it melts quickly, there is a negative. Dark streaks in the glass wax also indicate its presence. They control your business in the same way. Write on a sheet of paper the name of your store, cafeteria. Place it in place of the photo and preview.

A specialist will help you determine the presence of a negative with the help of cards, either in the oracle system or in the Tarot cards. If a negative is found, it must be removed. Then perform a purification ritual and put on protection.


acorn as a symbol of wealth

Popular charms to attract success and money:

  • acorns, beans, and chestnuts are symbols of wealth. To create a money magnet, you can talk about any of them. Say in a whisper (in this case about an acorn): “How true it is that acorns grow on a tree, so it is true that my income is growing. The fruits are in my bag and I count a lot of money. So be it. "Take the fruit in your bag;
  • Crocodile teeth contribute to success and victory. But know that the animal must not be killed by you or your relative;
  • to this day, people believe in the power of the horseshoe. It continues to hang over the front door of a home, office, or store. To enhance the effect, the horseshoe is spoken;
  • a peacock feather helps financially, but not everyone. Greedy people will only make your situation worse. And note that there is an interesting drawing at the end of the pen, similar in shape to an eye, so you can't fool the pen. Learn to love and respect the energy of money, only then buy this charm;
  • Laughing Buddha. If you make 144 circular movements along his stomach in a clockwise direction and think about your wish, after a while it will start to come true;
  • Jewelers sell small silver and gold spatulas that you can talk to when money arrives and are kept in a wallet. Usually a diagram is written on the back of the label. Read it on a small charm 9 to 12 times;
  • The enchanted mint leaf will serve as a magnet for the money in your wallet. A four leaf clover will also do;
  • invoice. It is better if the banknote has the number 5. It does not matter what denomination it is (50 rubles, 500 rubles, 5000 rubles). A nice person can give you an invoice, but the one that was found should not be used. It's not even worth picking up. It is necessary to grease the bill with oil of "money" (musk) and put it on a full moon or crescent moon at night on a window sill. The most powerful effect will be if the ritual is performed on Thursday. This day of the week is associated with Jupiter, which is responsible for the material aspect of our life. Carry the bill in your wallet or keep it in a safe where you will keep money;
  • talisman to attract good luck
  • on a stone or a piece of wood, it can represent a runic symbol or a formula responsible for the flow of money. Take it with you, keep it at home with money or put it on your photo. One of the following runes will work: fehy, ingyz (gives abundance and fertility to the owner), yryz (symbolizes action, sun and success). Rarely, but it happens that after wearing a talisman with a rune, the situation, on the contrary, is aggravated. In this case, you need to stop wearing the amulet and bury it. The rune did not suit you or did not want to help you. If the rune was applied to a photo with its image, it is enough to tear the photo in the place where the sign is depicted. If the rune has begun to bear fruit, enjoy the result. So that good luck comes to you exactly, place the symbol on the photo, where only you are present. There should be no animals either, so there is no energy drag on them. Or so that the pet does not get sick if the rune refuses to help;
  • you can create a doll yourself or commission a master if you are unsure of your abilities. Inside the doll is placed a coin or bill, an acorn or special beans. The doll itself is placed in the hallway or in the kitchen. These are the areas responsible for abundance in the home. The doll can be hidden or placed in plain view of incoming guests, but remains intact. Its functions are also not worth talking about, you can simply indicate that it is a talisman.