The lucky mascot and the money in their hands,

Each pointed out that some of the things to achieve success. In important meetings or events to attract good luck, people dress up in "happy" clothes, take some important product. The sports teams have their own talisman that brings luck. The chance is, or go into a kind of interaction with the man?


What can be considered an amulet?

Rare phenomenon, when the shelter finds itself. You've probably noticed, by chance, acquired trinket, clothing, has been brought into the house of an animal, suddenly begin to "work" in the success and luck. The encounter with this talisman not random, something that lured: the texture, the color, the shape. If this amulet did not show up in your life, simply buy or make with their own hands. What can be a pet? Here everything depends on the preferences, because the amulet should be like. This can be:

  • ->Remember;
  • ->The coins, in the shape of a horseshoe;
  • ->Jewelry: pendants, brooches, rings;
  • ->The products of leather;
  • ->The things of the fabric;
  • ->Costume jewelry;
  • ->The shell;
  • ->Pets;
  • ->The flowers, trees and other plants.

It is desirable to acquire the amulet of natural materials, have warm and energy.

Amulets according to the signs of the Zodiac

Good choice of magical object plays an important role, because it should be paid attention to in the performance of their astrological calendar.

With the amulet of luck, selected according to a Zodiac sign, it will be easier to fix the energy metabolism, the faster "make friends".


The lucky mascot and the activation

The amulet made with their own hands, has much more power. Importantly, enforce the rules, so that the magic object able to get the power:

  • ->• be in a good mood, with good thoughts;
  • ->• hotel touch-ups during the disease;
  • ->• the environment should be quiet, calm;
  • ->• no one speaks of talisman and we're not going to get in the wrong hands;
  • ->• amulets it is recommended to do on a Sunday, for the moon was in a phase of growth.

Before starting the manufacturing of the pet with their hands, the need to define the form, as well as in the configuration of the placed sacred sense:

  • ->circle — contributes to the stability in financial affairs;
  • ->oval — aid in the business;
  • ->square — a symbol of permanence;
  • ->triangle — brings good luck.

The knot

It is simple and effective amulet. This amulet is easy to fabricate with his own hands in the home, you will need only natural yarn. For luck in the work we use the spinning of wool: tie on him, 9 knots, mentally accompany every one of the desires of success in areas where you want to reach the top. It is necessary to save up to the reality that dreams do not become reality. Should not be given the amulet of strangers. To attract the prosperity of preference on the wrist, a red bracelet, black and white thread, intertwined with each other, with an odd number of laces. Nodular the magic tried for centuries, and is widely used by our ancestors.


The runes

Are sacred objects with a position in the symbolism. They are made of different materials, each one carries its magical value:

  • ->Wood, stone — versatile in its use;
  • ->Natural skin, attracts a flow of cash;
  • ->Clay — suitable for divination, any;
  • ->The bones, teeth of animals are used in black magic.

Make a talisman with the rune recorded by himself, best of clay, of wood. These materials lend themselves to manipulation, the characters are applied to the cautery and the in scribbling. After the cleaning and painting ready amulet you want to activate. On a sheet of paper, write down the conspiracy, it is acceptable to use of your text, what is important is not to apply the particle "not". Then, say the name of each of the runes to burn the sheet above the flame of a candle, the ashes of the researches by the wind. The fire after a ritual of imbre drops of wine. Before charging magical objects, it is necessary to learn the meaning of the symbols. The names of the runes to be full of good luck: ANZUS, hyères, Ursus. Store these pet fits in the bag away from the eyes of others. Sometimes remove, have in their hands, warming up the breathing, therefore, occurs the load.

The bag


The most simple, but powerful amulet of luck, they can do with their hands to attract success. How to do such a pet?

For work, it is necessary to:

  • ->• Of the church of the sail;
  • ->• One-half of the capacity of the water:
  • ->• Matches(new in boxes);
  • ->• Fabric of the bag;
  • ->• Small paper bag.

The candle install it in a glass with water, burning and read the spell, until the fire burns. Remove floating pieces of wax, I like you, in the form and place it in a small paper packet and then in a cloth bag. The amulet of luck — ready, use it constantly in the pocket or in the handbag.

A great amulet for good luck

The creation of an object is not different from the manufacture of small pets. They are of great dimensions, therefore, can be applied not to a symbol, in consequence, increases its protective energy.

If there is no ability to make the amulet for yourself — you can buy it. In this case, the amulet also needs to be loaded. To do this is available in several ways: to lower in a solution of salt, having in the rays of the sun, sprinkled with holy water.

Make an amulet is very easy, the main thing to believe that he will bring to your life the happiness and good luck.