Instructions for use Money Amulet

How to use the money from amulet Money Amulet

How to apply Money Amulet

Magical charms Money Amulet they possess a great strength, and therefore must be used very gently and with care to interact with them. Keep the amulets are recommended in the portfolio, as that is where people saved their newspapers for money. But in the last time, you can often find the saves, which are used as a pendant on the neck. In this case, it is desirable that the amulet was as close as possible to the body of its owner (it is recommended to bring in a fabric or leather shoe laces, and the best of beneath clothing). If the pet will start to get black, it should be cleaned and again you begin to speak, to bring good luck and wealth.

The conspiracy of the amulet Money Amulet

Normally, people prefer to order already заговоренные cash of the currency Money Amulet. The magic, which is associated with material goods, is one of the oldest, therefore, the majority of the strongest of the conspiracy only knows that потомственным the magi, and the magi. But some of the monks and the priests are not shy to share knowledge and skills, thanks to that after the cash purchase of amulets can give even greater force.

There are some important rules, such as заговаривать magical charms:

  • the conspiracies it is desirable to make in the night, at Thursday, (especially in full moon);
  • when performing ritual magic, it is desirable to candles;
  • your thoughts should be directed to the achievement of the desired objectives;
  • it is worth thinking about the forces and impacts that you want to give the amulet;
  • talisman it is necessary to put in cloth of scarlet colour;
  • after the conspiracy, it is desirable to provide protection to the window, to his озарял the light of the full moon;
  • заговоренные the coins you need to wrap it with a cloth and put it under your pillow, so that his force has acted on you when you sleep;
  • in the morning after awakening, the amulet is worth putting in the portfolio;
  • it is desirable for no one to show magical talisman, and not to presume to others, that has a money of protection, and because the envy of others can involve the power of the amulet against you.

Only if you meet all of these recommendations, you will be able to confer to the pet Money Amulet the force that will bring the best material.

The care of the amulet Money Amulet

Like any other protection, money in coins demand respect and care. For the magical talisman it has lost nothing of its strength, it should follow the following recommendations:

  • store the coins you need in the portfolio or in any of the потаенных of the pockets of the clothes;
  • the amulet should keep them wrapped in tissues, because money hates the dirt, and love the purity;
  • do not despair, if you have not noticed the effect of the action of the pet for some time – that the injunction has been effective, it is necessary to have patience and believe in the final result;
  • it is worth to hide the amulet of the stares of strangers, as it should affect only your luck;
  • the coins may not be sold or lose – you must pass only by inheritance to their children or grandchildren;
  • if you want to give money amulet as a gift, then you need to buy a new product, which is not another owner;
  • in any case one can forget the magical талисмане – worth consult regularly with him, to recharge your energy.

If you stand in faith in the power of the amulet Money Amuletthen the effect of your action you will see in the near future. But it is worth bearing in mind that, in addition to hope in the magic of the talisman, is necessary, and the most exercise some kind of aspirations and the steps to achieve success. So, if you want to get a job that pays well, you can't pass whole days to stay at home and ask the amulet to accomplish a job. It is necessary to walk for the interview and try to please the future employer and the magic of amparo in this case, you will be lucky, thanks to which you will be able to win the fight for the лакомую since the other applicants.